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This season's christmas holiday hack became a bit obsessive. Taps is a test tool for the .NET framework. It is inspired on Perl's testing facilities and therefore quite different from the likes of tools like NUnit. Taps runs test scripts and expects to see output that conforms to the TAP protocol on their stdouts. Test scripts use the TAP class to run tests that generate the expected output.


This program occupies a very, very tiny niche. It converts SAPI speech commands to keystrokes.


ScrabbleSolver is a solver that shows you the possible words you can play given a board and available letters. It uses the board layout and dutch dictionary of wordfeud, a scrabble clone for smart phones. For Mac with Snow Leopard or Lion.

Dvorak Extended Custom

Dvorak Extended Custom is a keyboard layout for Mac OS X. It is to the U.S. Extended layout as the Dvorak layout is to the U.S. layout. This allows you to type e.g. accented characters for many Eastern European languages and tone markers for pīnyīn using the Dvorak layout. Throw the content of the zip file into "~/Library/Keyboard Layouts" or "/Library/Keyboard Layouts" and enable "Dvorak Extended Custom" in the Language & Text System Preferences.

Made by taking the USExtended.keylayout xml file from Ukelele remapping the relevant virtual key codes using a perl script:


while(<>) {
    s/<key code="(\d+)"/'<key code="'.($1<@map?$map[$1]:$1).'"'/e;

and changing the keyboard id. I didn't name the layout "Dvorak Extended" because it might clash with a future standard "Dvorak Extended" layout, should Apple decide to add it.